Corporate General Information

Whether you are a blue chip organization or a small family run business, we at ThomasExchangeGlobal.co.uk can cater to your individual needs.

Our Services include the following:

  • Foreign Bank Notes - at the most competitive wholesale/commercial exchange rates. Instantly availability on all major and exotic currencies.
  • We buy Foreign Travellers Cheques with no charges. Sell Foreign American Express Travellers Cheques are 0% Commission
  • Currencies delivered to the office, within hours in the Central London area, or alternatively by secured next day delivery
  • Our International money transfer service provides a simple, secure and fast method to transfer funds at wholesale/commercial exchange rates for a fee of ¬£9.90 for transactions below ¬£10,000, above this amount it is free of charge. Better rates than any High Street Bank or any other major competitor. Funds transferred (SWIFT) world wide in over 50 different currencies to any bank account. We take just 1 to 2 working days to reach the beneficiary.
  • Payments received in Euro and USD into our Euro and USD accounts respectively, then converted into Sterling and transferred into your organisation's account
  • Personal Service to individual staff members for their travel/holiday money or any other foreign exchange service that they may require

If you wish to become a client of ours, please download our client registration form and forward the same to us with the following documents, so that we can open an account for you.

  • Photocopy of your Company Registration Certificate
  • Photocopy of your Company Bank Statements (just account details necessary)
  • A letter signed by a Director of the Company who is authorized to deal with us¬∑ Colour Photocopies of the passports of the Directors of the Company, as well as the person or persons authorized to deal with us
  • Photocopy of Company Utility Bill
  • Each time a transaction is done, the purpose of this transaction must be stated.

Please speak to one of our representatives to guide you through the completion of this application.

If you have any queries, please phone us on 020 7183 4197 or 020 7240 1214 to speak to a member of our team, who will be happy to assist you.